Chewy Spiced Date Cookies


During my travels to the Middle East I absolutely fell in love with fresh dates. The sweet taste is like candy and the consistency is wonderful. They became a staple snack mixed with a few roasted almonds while I was abroad. When I came home to New York City I felt like I was on a quest to find Dates that compared in flavor. Every market I visited I would sample one, but none were like the ones I had while I was away. On a recent trip to Eataly (an unbelievable Italian specialty market in NYC) I stumbled upon a bin of fresh dates in the produce section. Just like I always do, I sampled one and oh my god they were amazing! I immediately filled a bag full. I felt like a kid in a candy store I was so excited. Although I love munching on dates by themselves as a sweet and healthy snack I was inspired to incorporate them into my healthy baking for a dose of natural sweetness and chewiness. Plus, the walnuts add a perfect crunch and the ginger and cinnamon add an unexpected punch of spice. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

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